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About Dennis Gonzalez Jr., P.A.
Dennis Gonzalez Jr., P.A. is a Real Estate and Civil Litigation Law Firm founded by Dennis Gonzalez Jr., Esq.

Our Promise to you.

WE WILL LISTEN TO YOU. We will first (1) listen to your needs, (2) formulate an overall goal or "big picture" for where you want to be in a legal and/or business context, (3) determine and formulate a practical cost-effective plan, and (4) execute the plan.

Each city has its own unique business and transactional style. At Dennis Gonzalez Jr., P.A., we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses engaged in the real estate business in South Florida. Our clients benefit from our Real Estate Litigation experience and Business expertise in the South Florida area.

Practice includes but not limited to:
Real Estate Law and Transactions

Foreclosure Services - Residential and Commercial
Residential Landord and Tenant Law
Lien Litigation / Negotiation
Title Insurance and Title Searches

Real Estate and Corporate Litigation
Purchasers and Sellers of Real Estate in Contract Disputes
Commercial Landord and Tenant Law
Breach of Contract Issues

General Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Services for businesses and individuals.

Office Location:

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